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Breakaway Hockey Dek & Sports
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Written by Casey Corcoran   
Thursday, 16 May 2013 09:39






5th Annual SUMMER








8:00 AM Bombers vs Mill City Hitmen

8:28 AM Lady Boners vs Rebellion

8:56 AM Mill City Hitmen vs RI Rage

9:24 AM Bombers vs Rebellion

9:52 AM Lady Boners vs RI Rage

10:20 AM Mill City Hitmen vs Rebellion

10:48 AM Bombers vs Lady Boners

11:16 AM Rebellion vs RI Rage

11:44 AM Mill City Hitmen vs Lady Boners

12:12 PM Bombers vs RI Rage

12:40 PM Light's Out vs Dangle.Snipe, Celly

1:08 PM SEED 4 (A/B DIV) vs SEED 1 (A/B DIV)

1:36 PM SEED 3 (A/B DIV) vs SEED 2 (A/B DIV)

2:04 PM After Burners vs Kiss My Cups

2:32 PM Dangle.Snipe, Celly vs F.P.M.

3:00 PM Winner of 1:08 PM A DIV FINALS Winner of 1:36 PM

3:28 PM Light's Out vs Kiss My Cups

3:56 PM After Burners vs F.P.M.

4:24 PM Dangle.Snipe, Celly vs Kiss My Cups

4:52 PM Light's Out vs After Burners

5:20 PM Kiss My Cups vs F.P.M.

5:48 PM Dangle.Snipe, Celly vs After Burners

6:16 PM Light's Out vs F.P.M.

6:44 PM SEED 4 (B/C DIV) vs SEED 1 (B/C DIV)

7:12 PM SEED 3 (B/C DIV) vs SEED 2 (B/C DIV)

7:40 PM (15 minute break if desired)


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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 14:28

Welcome to Breakaway Hockey Dek & Sports, Massachusetts'  premier indoor dek hockey, roller hockey and sports facility. Founded by  players who love to compete, BHD&S, operates one of the largest sport court  surfaces in northern New England surrounded by official hockey dasher boards  and glass with regulation nets. In operation since October 2010, BHD&S  features dek and roller league play daily and also offers and promotes  tournament events both at our facility and throughout the United States and  Canada.  To further enhance your hockey  experience, game stats are tracked and maintained so our players can measure  their personal and team performance.  Our  goal is to offer a superior sporting experience by building on player  suggestions and staying focused on our participants.   We have leagues for all ages and abilities,  and we are available for private parties, rentals and scrimmages.  We love our sports and we know you do too so  come down, check us out, and join the fun.

Turf Field PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 10:42

BreakAway Indoor Sportsplex has installed the finest, professional stadium quality turf available on the market today. Unlike artificial surfaces used at the majority of indoor sports facilities, this premium infill turf utilizes a thick, thatch layer, as well as rubber infill to provide a true grass-like feel and comfort for an unparalleled playing experience.  The open turf field has no walls so foot skills can be honed in soccer and sidelines can be used in flag football.  Leagues are currently forming for all turf sports.  Whether soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, baseball or other turf sport, we can accommodate your needs.  Give us a call for more information.


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